SEE’s Foodie Finds Hog Heaven Real Pit Bar-B-Q

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SEE’s Foodie Finds Hog Heaven Real Pit Bar-B-Q

SEE’s Foodie Finds Hog Heaven Real Pit Bar-B-Q

SEE’s Foodie Finds Hog Heaven Real Pit Bar-B-Q

SEE’s Foodie Finds Hog Heaven Real Pit Bar-B-Q

Slow-cooked scrumptious barbeque!

Blocks away from our dining destination, my fellow foodie and I found ourselves inhaling the intoxicating aromas of slow-cooked scrumptious barbeque. We were salivating as we neared our upcoming meal. Nothing recharges the body after a day in the sun like some good ole’ Southern slow-cooked barbeque.

Hog Heaven Real Pit Bar-B-Q is located a quick walk from the beach on the west side of A1A across from the Daytona Beach boardwalk. With everything in the pit from beef and pork to chicken cooked “low and slow,” you’ll be pleased with their tender and juicy selections … I know we were!PickleSpears

Dan, my partner in all things food, joined me for this heavenly occasion on a Tuesday evening. After taking our seats outside, we chose to start the evening off with the Fried Pickles appetizer. I must say I was shocked with my choice … I don’t like pickles, but something inside me gravitated towards the Dill delight.

When our fried starter arrived, I was surprised to see that it was in fact fried pickle spears. I’ve experienced fried pickle chips before, but never before a spear. Its shape allowed the fried goodness to retain its pickle-y taste, even when dunked in ranch dressing. Although I’m not a fan of pickles, I found the dish quite tasty. On the other hand, Dan, a huge fan of pickles, LOVED it. Tangy, crunchy, hot and cold, this unique combination of sensations started our meal off perfectly.

AmandasPulledPorkDinnerDinner arrived within a short time of finishing our appetizer. I opted for the Pulled Pork Dinner  and chose fried okra and green beans as my two sides. I love pulled pork so choosing an entrée was simple, but deciding which barbeque sauce to use was a whole different story. The caddy at the end of the table contained four different sauces: sweet, smoky, mustard and spicy. I couldn’t wait to try them all. Normally, I gravitate towards a mustard or sweet sauce, but on this occasion I was all about their spicy sauce. Not too hot, a little sweet, it was the perfect complement to my pork.

Dan went with the ½ Baby Back Ribs and Pulled Pork dinner. Of course, I had to have a little nibble of the ribs. He handed one my way and we were both pleased to see the meat fall right off the bone. Succulent and tender, it was easy to tell that these ribs were cooked low and slow.key lime Pie at Hog heaven real pit bar-b-que

At the end of our meal with little room to spare, we filled the final corner by splitting a slice of Key Lime Pie. Just one of the five desserts offered, the pie was a classic featuring a sweet graham cracker crust. The treat was presented beautifully with whipped cream, a curled lime garnish and, of course, two forks.

At Hog Heaven Real Pit Bar-B-Q great service meets an awesome atmosphere. On our visit we enjoyed the outside seating nestled right up to A1A, complete with a view of the boardwalk’s Ferris wheel and plenty of “people watching.”- This, combined with Hog Heaven’s mouthwatering eats, made it a wonderful evening.

~Amanda Tew


Hog Heaven Real Pit Bar-B-Q is Open: Daily to 10 p.m.

Address: 37 N. Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL

Phone: 386-257-1212

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