Live Manatee Cam

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Live Manatee Cam

Live Manatee Cam

Live Manatee Cam

Click on the picture to see the live Manatee web cam.

At Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, visitors can clearly see slow-moving manatees while they swim in the shallow waters of the spring run. From November through March, these endangered mammals are attracted by the constant 73 degree temperature of the spring, which they need to survive during cold spells.

You can view these gentle creatures and their offspring from the park’s observation deck. Be sure to arrive early at this popular park or the parking area may be full and you will not be able to enter.

Manatees are one of Florida’s treasures and deserve our protection. Please observe slow-speed zones when boating and don’t feed or touch them. We need to keep them wild for their own protection.

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Manatee Cams At Blue Spring State Park

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