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Local Dining

Local Dining

Local Dining

Local Dining

Start with a plate of oysters and some fresh grouper…

Whether you came to Daytona Beach for the rich history, the roaring speed, or the fabulous beaches, you still need to eat! Well, you’re in luck. Not only do the area’s eateries offer delicious food, they also serve up views that become indelible memories. If you’re looking for a casual place for quick beach snacks or a trendy dockside spot, the ambiance makes everything taste better.

When you’re craving something familiar, Daytona Beach has plenty of nationally known restaurants. But why not try something local? An abundance of fresh seafood comes with the ocean view. crabbyjoes daytona beach fried shrimp basket

At many of our dockside restaurants you feel right at home in your t-shirt and flip flops. Start with a plate of oysters and work your way up to a fresh grouper sandwich. Order it blackened or broiled; just don’t forget to squeeze some lemon on it.


You’ll find other popular options including steak, Southern barbecue, and vegetarian dishes at some of Daytona Beach’s best restaurants. And multi-cultural food is pervasive in the area, from Asian to Indian and Spanish to Caribbean, there are many flavors worth coming back for! For a romantic dinner, choose one of the bistros offering a candlelit table with amazing views of the ocean and cuisine prepared by renowned chefs.

To satisfy your entire family, the area has many open air “Florida Style” restaurants and casual eateries where the dress code is informal and the food is hearty and delicious.




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