Fun on the Beach

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Fun on the Beach

Fun on the Beach

Fun on the Beach

Go Fly a Kite

Looking for some old fashioned, beach fun? Go fly a kite! There’s no better place to do that than along the beach where there are no power lines and plenty of open space. Year-round breezes make conditions ideal for the novice or more experienced flyers.

Pick up a kite at any gift or souvenir shop. Prices start around $7 and depending on your skill, or lack thereof, purchase the least expensive model. Your kit will come with easy to follow instructions and no special tools are required.

Kite flying is not a singular sport. For best results, you need a companion. One person should hold the string, known as a bridle; the companion will grasp the kite. The kite should be facing both you and the wind. Wind direction is important or you will be dragging, not flying, your kite. Unwind 10-15 yards of string, motion to your friend to release the kite, then start moving. Release more string to fly higher; less to lower the kite.

Follow these instructions and your kite and spirits will soar!




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