Don’t Miss a Thing! DeLand

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Don’t Miss a Thing! DeLand

Don’t Miss a Thing! DeLand

Don’t Miss a Thing! DeLand

Don’t Miss a Thing! 
Explore… beyond the beach. DeLand, FL.

Take the family to SEE these popular spots in DeLand, Fl- just a short drive from Daytona Beach!

Deland-AngelWingsDeLand Wings
One of DeLand’s most photographed locations is located in an alley in the 100 block of S. Woodland Blvd. What started off as an impulsive chalk drawing by artist Erica Group, is now a beautiful painting of a set of angel wings. Look for the wings, take a selfie & post your pic on facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #DelandWings. 

DeLand-MuralsMurals of DeLand
Take a step back in time and go on a historical tour, a Mural walk if you will, down the streets of Historic DeLand. See memories of the city’s past painted on the walls (15 in total)- each one tells a different story. You can download a Mural Walk brochure, with a map showing the location of each work of art. 

DeLand- Stetson MansionStetson Mansion
A Victorian mansion built in 1886, for famed hat maker John B Stetson. Each room is decorated differently and daily tours are available. At Christmas, each room has it’s own tree & it’s own unique themed decorations– a truly spectacular sight! Reservations required. 1031 Camphor Rd., DeLand, FL, 386-873-0167, 

Images provided by West Volusia Tourism Advertising Authority.
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