Bike Week Facts

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Bike Week Facts

Bike Week Facts

Bike Week Facts

Each year approximately 500,000 people will make their way to Daytona Beach for the annual Bike Week motorcycle event. Another week of beautiful choppers lined up along the streets of Daytona Beach. A week full of excitement- concerts at the Bandshell, bike races, local biker events and arcade fun, all with the distinct rumbling of motorcycles filling the air.
Bike-Week_DSC_7848-375x250The Bike Week rally began in 1937 with the very first running of the Daytona 200. That first race, was held just south of Daytona Beach, on a 3.2 mile beach and road course. With the exception of a few years during World War II, the race has continued to run and be a popular event for bike enthusiasts around the country. The annual event is a big deal around Florida and comes with many benefits to local businesses.

Be careful when you ride! The more popular the event, the more traffic there is in the area. Most motorcycle accidents occur due to driver distraction or driving under the influence. Many of these situations can easily happen during Bike Week. Making sure you stay hydrated, avoid driver distraction and driving under the influence can increase your chances of having an amazing time at Daytona Beach Bike Week!Bike Week pic by Tony Giese

It’s important to use safety precautions and have a solid idea about what the motorcycle safety laws are in Florida to avoid any accidents.

Motorcycle Laws in Florida
Eye protection is a requirement
Lane splitting is prohibited in Florida, but two riders may ride next to one another in the same lane
Muffler noise can’t exceed 86 decibels
Passengers must have their own seat and a foot rest
No matter the time of day, a headlight must always be on
Turn signals are required
Handlebars can’t be higher that the riders shoulders while seated
Bike must have mirrors on the left and right side of the bike

Laws & statutes can change over time, please CLICK HERE to view Florida website of Motorcycle Laws.

Photos by Tony Giese Photography.

This editorial credit is due in part to Alana Redmond.
Alana writes and reports about the harmful dangers of motorcycle safety both nationally and in Florida for Chalik & Chalik Injury lawyers. 




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