Beach Bonfires

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Beach Bonfires

Beach Bonfires

Beach Bonfires

All it takes is some dry wood and starter kindling, no permit needed if you bring your own fire pit in Volusia County. In some locations, there are beach fire pits you can use, but need to be reserved, first-come

 Permits are required in Flagler County, so give them a call. Bonfires are permitted from November 1 to April 30 when turtles are not making nests. In summer months, lights on the beach are banned, because they would disorient females trying to lay eggs and confuse hatchlings scurrying toward the safety of the sea.

Call First for a Permit

Volusia County: For locations and reservations, visit then Beach Safety, Bonfires or call 326-239-6414, ex. 230.

Flagler County: 386-517-2010

When the weather is cool, there’s nothing like a seaside bonfire to warm the night air. Add some drums, the mellow tones of a flute or guitars, and you have the makings of a therapeutic night under the stars.




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