The Sparrow Opening Reception

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The Sparrow Opening Reception

The Sparrow Opening Reception

The Sparrow Opening Reception

Date(s) - 05/05/2017
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Frame of Mind, Ormond Beach fl 32174


Frame of Mind Art Gallery is hosting artist Karlene McConnell through the month of May.

Her most recent series, The Sparrow, will be the theme for the show. Her dynamic work is a combination of abstracted landscapes that appear inspired by cubist forms and sybmolism. Her artwork brings out negative spaces to create positive forms.
Karlene is a local artist with a background in art education. She is currently a full time artist.

“A phenomenon is defined as something that appears, manifests itself or is experienced but not always understood. One day, a small bird flew into my porch window. I placed it in a box and kept it safe until it was ready to fly again.
A few days later, hurricane Matthew struck Florida. My neighborhood was impacted but fortunately my family, friends and I were survivors. We had remained sheltered until the storm was over.
In the next few weeks, I began to sketch sparrows and explore the symbolism of the sparrow and the idea of survival. Research showed me that sparrows travel in groups for safety. For this reason, I feel the image of a lone sparrow portrays both strength and vulnerability. Like the sparrows, humans come together to help each other in crisis situations, but there are also times, like the little bird in the box, when we fight our own personal battles.
This exhibition of paintings includes abstracted landscapes on canvas as well as works on paper that were created by printing debris that was left in my yard by hurricane Matthew. The sparrow that had appeared to me and kept emerging in my sketches has been included in these pieces. It symbolizes natural phenomena and the human spirit.”
-Karlene McConnell on her series, “The Sparrow”




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